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Unlock new income opportunities and gain independence from industry conglomerates with the Telemedicine Referral feature of the Timeless Veterinary Community platform.

Designed specifically for veterinary specialists, our platform connects you with thousands of clinics worldwide in need of your expertise. By opting into telemedicine referrals, you can efficiently fill gaps between your cases with additional work, significantly enhancing your income.

With Timeless Veterinary Community, specialists typically receive compensation higher than the industry standard for telemedicine referrals, providing a lucrative opportunity to expand your business and increase your income.

Telemedicine Made Easy

Case Submission by Clinics

Case Submission by Clinics

Clinics across the network submit their cases, along with all associated diagnostics, notes, and PACS, to specialists through the Timeless Veterinary Community platform, ensuring a streamlined start to the telemedicine consultation process.
Case Review by Specialists

Case Review by Specialists

Specialists receive and review the submitted cases, accessing all relevant diagnostics, notes, and PACS directly on the platform, allowing for a thorough analysis and assessment to inform their expert recommendations.
Detailed Report Submission

Detailed Report Submission

After a comprehensive review, specialists write and submit their detailed reports back to the clinics through the platform. This step completes the consultation process, providing clinics with the actionable insights needed for patient care.
Swift Payment for Services

Swift Payment for Services

Specialists are paid promptly at the beginning of the month for their case work the previous month. Our system supports specialists in receiving timely compensation for their expertise.

Practice Manager of Vet Oracle

Julie Riches-Tomei

"Timeless is an excellent resource which allows our specialists to provide a telemedicine service advising and supporting primary care veterinary practitioners with their cases and queries. The platform is easy to use and is an excellent system enabling a professional front to our virtual hospital. Our clinicians thoroughly appreciate receiving our reports by email in addition to being able to access them online. The Timeless support team are always very responsive if there are any problems that need resolving and they are very polite in their approach."

Vet Oracle Teleradiology

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