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Clinic Reporting


Clinic Reporting Made Easy

Transform your reporting process with the Timeless Veterinary Community platform, designed to significantly enhance both the quality and speed of your reports, allowing you as a specialist to complete more high-quality reports each day, and increase your daily productivity.

Our cutting-edge platform is packed full of features that increase your efficiency, with integrated access to comprehensive case notes and an integrated PACS viewer, coupled with easy-to-use controls for attaching images and videos to your reports.

With customizable templates and a vast database of sample reports at your fingertips, coupled with an intuitive interface, you’re equipped to streamline your workflow like never before.

How It Works

Case Submission

Case Submission

Veterinarians submit patient cases to the Timeless Veterinary Telemedicine Platform™, including relevant clinical findings, diagnostic images, and other pertinent data.
Specialist Review

Specialist Review

Specialists access and review all submitted case materials within the Timeless Veterinary Telemedicine Platform™, utilizing the integrated PACS viewer and case notes to thoroughly understand each case.
Report Generation

Report Generation

Specialists use the platform's tools to quickly incorporate templates and image/video assets, crafting detailed reports that are then submitted back to the clinic for immediate action.
Instant Payments

Instant Payments

Once the report is submitted, payment is automatically released, ensuring specialists are compensated immediately for their expertise and valuable time.

Streamlining Clinic Reporting

Enhanced Reports with Visuals
Enhanced Reports with Visuals
Integrate diagnostic photos and videos directly into reports for a more comprehensive and illustrative analysis, improving your report quality.
Streamline Reporting with Templates
Streamline Reporting with Templates
Quickly draw on commonly used findings by employing templates, significantly speeding up the report writing process without compromising on detail or quality.
Comprehensive Information Access
Comprehensive Information Access
Have full access to patient diagnostics and notes at the time of report writing, ensuring a well-informed and accurate diagnostic report.

Clinical Director of Vet Oracle Telemedicine

Caroline Kisielewicz

"Timeless is an excellent resource which allows our specialists to provide a telemedicine service advising and supporting primary care veterinary practitioners with their cases and queries. The platform is easy to use and is an excellent system enabling a professional front to our virtual hospital. Our clinicians thoroughly appreciate receiving our reports by email in addition to being able to access them online. The Timeless support team are always very responsive if there are any problems that need resolving and they are very polite in their approach."

Vet Oracle Telemedicine

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