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Invoicing & Financials

Streamlined Invoicing for Veterinary Specialists

Simplify Your Finances with the Timeless Veterinary Telemedicine Platform™

Discover the power of streamlined financial management with the Timeless Veterinary Telemedicine Platform™.

Designed for veterinary specialists, our platform simplifies the creation of accurate invoices and enhances billing processes through intuitive tools and automation. By reducing the time required for monthly invoicing tasks to just minutes, our system allows specialists to focus more on patient care and less on administrative duties.

Invoicing Made Easy

Automation Tools
Automation Tools
Experience hassle-free invoicing with automation tools that send automatic emails to clinics upon invoice generation, ensuring prompt communication and payment reminders.
Batch Invoice Creation
Batch Invoice Creation
Streamline your invoicing workflow by creating batch invoices, enabling specialists to handle multiple cases efficiently in one go.
Invoice Review
Invoice Review
Specialists can easily review and verify invoices before sending them out, ensuring accuracy and transparency in billing practices.

Seamless Credit Card Payments

Our secure credit card processing system ensures safe and efficient transactions, providing convenience and peace of mind for both specialists and clinics.

Convenient Payments

Clinics registered on our platform can conveniently pay specialists via credit card, offering flexibility and convenience in payment methods.

Secure Transactions

Our secure credit card processing system ensures safe and reliable transactions, providing peace of mind for both specialists and clinics alike.

Discover the benefits of Timeless Veterinary Systems™ today.