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Are you a veterinarian in need of a specialist consultation for your patient?
Timeless Veterinary Systems has a worldwide network of specialists available. Register your practice with us and connect with a board certified specialist today and receive a free month of VDI per case submitted.

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Timeless Veterinary
Management System™

The Cloud-Based Management System
for Telemedicine and Referrals

A new and innovative approach to referral management and telemedicine that streamlines and simplifies the entire referral process, and improves the overall referral experience. The system is designed to empower independent consultants with an affordable first-class system, but powerful enough to support a network of specialists around the world.

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Timeless Vet Drug Index™

The Evidence-Based Drug Formulary

A truly evidence-based drug formulary authored by Etienne Côté, Stephen Ettinger and Wayne Schwark designed specifically for you, the busy veterinarian. It's a new way of sourcing drug information but when you use Vet Drug Index for the first time we think you'll say "of course!"

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The Evidence-Based Decision Support System

A proprietary decision support system that provides you with a sound scientific knowledge base that acts as an instant and definitive second opinion for the most common or complex clinical cases.

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