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Scheduling & Calendar Management


Streamlining Your Practice

In the fast-paced world of veterinary specialties, managing your schedule effectively is key to balancing telemedicine consultations and in-person client appointments. The Timeless Veterinary Telemedicine Platform™ introduces a comprehensive Scheduling & Calendar Management system designed to cater to the unique needs of veterinary specialists. This intuitive system simplifies appointment booking, integrates case data, and enhances team coordination, ensuring you can focus on delivering exceptional care without the administrative headache.


Effortless Scheduling and Calendar Coordination

Flexible Appointment Booking
Flexible Appointment Booking
Easily book appointments for both telemedicine patients from the Timeless Veterinary Telemedicine Platform™ and your own offline clients. Our platform accommodates the full spectrum of veterinary specialties, ensuring a seamless experience.
Streamlined Case Management
Streamlined Case Management
Attach relevant case data directly to appointments in the calendar. This feature ensures all necessary information is at your fingertips, optimizing your preparation and consultation time.
Customizable Availability
Customizable Availability
Tailor your availability to suit your preferences and workload, with customizable scheduling options to accommodate your unique practice needs.
Real-time Synchronization
Real-time Synchronization
Stay organized and up-to-date with real-time synchronization across devices, ensuring that you never miss an appointment or important event.

CVT, Veterinary Sonographer

Darcie Argentina

"What used to take 4-5 hours of additional work to manage my cases and telemedicine per day, which I could only do after a 12-hour day of scanning, now takes about an hour of time that is spread throughout the day and is barely noticeable. This means my cases get sent off faster for a faster return and really impress my clients, I get 4-5 hours of my life back, which allows me to increase my profits, and I have more time and mental capacity to handle pressing business management duties."

Veterinary Sonography Services

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