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Timeless prides itself on providing the best customer service experience possible. Here is what some of our customers have to say about working with Timeless...

As an owner of a full-time mobile veterinary ultrasound service with 2.5 doctors, I have struggled with the workflow of a mobile practice that required multiple different software applications and storage solutions with separate billing services and bookkeeping services to operate. I had to use MS Word, Excel, a Mail program to attach PDFs of report. I had to log cases in a spreadsheet in order to keep track of what we did each day to serve as a check & balance. We had to use separate billing software. We were mostly electronic, but we still had to have paper ultrasound request forms for clients to fill out requiring management of paper that had to be scanned each day to get into an electronic format. I had to do a tremendous amount of needless keyboarding in the past just to compose a report. The time required to generate reports was considerably longer because of the time spent keyboarding and then sending the generated electronic report. Besides all the keyboarding, the report generation processes took 5 steps for each report with multiple complicated storage solutions to keep data synced across all computers. Clients would frequently lose reports requiring me to find my copy and resend it, adding more busy work to my day. I used to store images online via various services so that when needed, I could send a shared link to a referral center or to the hospital for case referrals. But clients generally didn't have a copy of the images. The time spent burning CD's of images or emailing images was so time consuming. Billing was handled via various services and credit card processing was a challenge being a remote service without access to the physical card and resulted in a less-than-secure handling of client credit card information.

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Marty Henderson, DVM
Sonovet, Inc

About 1 year ago I received a cold call from the folks at Timeless Veterinary Management Services. I took a leap of faith and could not be happier! Every step of the way they have worked with me as if my business was their product. They have worked very hard with every question or demand I have had and they have done so with so much kindness and respect. I really feel like they know me, my brand, what I stand for and what I need. I have never felt like a small potato in a large field. They have made my life as a mobile cardiologist easier. I can access all of my records and images anywhere I go. When I switched systems it was the smartest move I had made in a long time.

Kirstin Boddy DVM, MS, DACVIM (Cardiology)
Heart to Heart Veterinary Cardiology Consultants

Utilizing the Timeless Veterinary Management System for our telemedicine platform has streamlined our process and allowed us to effectively manage referral cases. We are able provide our referring veterinarian clientele with an easy to use and professional interface, thus enabling us to be more confident and aggressive in marketing our services. After utilizing the TVMS, our business has increased 20%. The Timeless team is highly responsive to our business needs and they continually improve the site to anticipate our needs. When any issues arise they are prompt in their response enabling us to resolve problems immediately. The Timeless team was able to provide us with a customizable system that puts us at the cutting edge of veterinary telemedicine.

Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists (GCVTelemedicine)

Here is what you can expect from us when you work with Timeless


First, you're introduced to your TVMS dedicated project manager and product specialist. They will be working with you from start to finish to ensure your implementation is a total success. You will have as much time as you need to go through things like defining your new system, setting up your new system, training you and your staff, and even introducing your rDVM's to your new system.


We work extremely hard to ensure the support process for TVMS is as efficient and easy as possible. We guarantee that you will always be able to speak directly with a Timeless support specialist to resolve any issues or answer any questions. We work extremely hard to make sure you never have a technical problem, but if you do, we'll do our absolute best to fix it as quickly as possible.

Account Management

After you're up and running you will be assigned an account manager who is responsible for ensuring you are completely satisfied with your TVMS. Your account manager will always be available via phone or email, but don't be surprised to receive a check-in call to chat about any challenges you're having, discuss new feature updates, or even schedule a strategy session to improve your business.

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