Columbus, OH-July 9, 2018

Timeless Veterinary Systems® and ClienTrax® Expand Technology Partnership

Integration of the Timeless Veterinary Cloud PACS with the ClienTrax Practice Management Software

Timeless Veterinary Systems Inc., a specialized veterinary technology company located in Prince Edward Island, Canada, and ClienTrax, a technology solutions company located in Columbus, Ohio have further expanded on their technology partnership and are pleased to announce another major integration. The Timeless Veterinary Cloud PACS is now integrated with the ClienTrax Practice Management Software providing an innovative way for clinics to quickly move images to the radiologist instead of the radiologist to the images. This provides optimum reliability and performance with event-driven workflows that help keep clinics on task, custom-triggering notifications for study interpretation, transcription, report downloads, etc., until the loop is closed. More than just a PACS, it is a comprehensive workflow solution that addresses the challenges of today’s reading environments. Advanced DICOM interface tools and HL7 integration make the Timeless Veterinary Cloud PACS a must-have integration that operates seamlessly within the ClienTrax Practice Management System. The Timeless Veterinary Cloud PACS provides advanced imaging tools with an integrated downloadable desktop DICOM viewer and a Zero-Footprint HTML5 DICOM Web Viewer that delivers simple, secure access to imaging results.

The Timeless Veterinary Cloud PACS offers even more advanced features with instant access to the Timeless Veterinary Telemedicine global network of service providers directly from within the ClienTrax Practice Management System. This provides a seamless workflow for rDVMs and Specialists to communicate and share patient information. Timeless President, John Rowe is very pleased to be launching this 2nd integration with ClienTrax and further expanding on their technology partnership, noting “with the integration of the Timeless Veterinary Cloud PACS, ClienTrax in partnership with Timeless can now offer clinics a new and innovative approach to telemedicine that is designed to simplify the entire referral process and improve the referral experience saving clinics time by streamlining their workflow”.

Jeff Good, Vice President of ClienTrax, commented that "ClienTrax is proud to launch a new Cloud PACS providing an integrated web-based solution for our clinics’ radiology imaging workflow all from within our practice management software. Our Clinics now can submit a case request without ever having to leave ClienTrax, and to add to the already seamless workflow, the final case report is even automatically sent directly to the patient’s medical record in their ClienTrax Practice Management System, keeping all the patients information in the medical record and saving the clinic more time.”

The ClienTrax Practice Management software is now fully integrated with the Timeless Veterinary Cloud PACS, and access to the Timeless Veterinary Telemedicine global network of service providers adds to its already powerful list of features to provide clinics with a truly all-in-one Veterinary management solution.

About Timeless Veterinary Systems:
Timeless Veterinary Systems® is a leading veterinary technology development firm located in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Timeless believes in challenging the status quo to develop technologies that raise the bar for veterinary patient care. Each and every product the Timeless team develops is carefully designed with some of the most recognized experts in veterinary medicine to ensure the highest quality possible.

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About ClienTrax

Founded in 1987, and located near Columbus, Ohio, ClienTrax is the largest privately held veterinary practice management solution in the U.S. ClienTrax is a leading program with powerful features that can dramatically improve the efficiency and productivity of your practice. ClienTrax is designed to be the most user-friendly program of its kind. Along with the powerful integrations of in-house and reference labs, digital imaging, digital dental imaging, and real-time synchronized online appointments, ClienTrax is the only practice management software on the market with a fully-integrated preventative care plan.

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