Timeless Veterinary Systems® Announces Release of Version 2.0 of Industry Leading Web-Based Referral/Mobile/Telemedicine Management System for Veterinarians

Timeless Veterinary Management System (TVMS)® 2.0 Includes new Cloud PACS with Integrated HTML 5 and Desktop Viewers


Seattle, WA – ACVIM Forum 2018 - June 14, 2018 - Timeless Veterinary Systems Inc., a specialized veterinary technology company located in Prince Edward Island, Canada, is pleased to announce the launch of a major product update to their web-based referral/mobile/telemedicine platform. The update, better known as the Timeless Veterinary Management System 2.0, enhances the already robust workflow that independent specialists, referral centers, mobile specialists and all of their referring hospitals have been utilizing to simplify the entire referral process.

Since 2012, Timeless has been developing and expanding the most customizable referral management system in the veterinary market. In order to continue adding value and raising the bar for veterinary professionals, Timeless strongly encourages their customers to share ideas for new feature requests which would improve their day-to-day activities. “Our platform is developed by a team of engineers based on the feedback from current and prospective customers.” says Eric Roberts, Sales and Account Manager at Timeless Veterinary Systems. “From functionality to layout and formatting, we work extremely close with those who use our system each and every day to ensure they are having a positive user experience.”

The Timeless Veterinary Management System (TVMS) 2.0 is designed with each customer having different preferences in mind. With a suite of features already included, such as custom case reporting, billing and invoicing, credit card processing, web-based accessibility, and automated notifications, TVMS 2.0 improves these with even more configurability from the hands of the end user, the referring clinic and Timeless service providers. To highlight just a few of the new features, users are now able to customize any worklist within the system, use a global search, perform their own ad hoc reporting, and create patient reminders for callbacks and follow up visits.

A significant new addition in TVMS 2.0 is the Timeless Veterinary Cloud PACS, now integrated in the Timeless Veterinary Management System. More than just a PACS, it is a comprehensive workflow solution that addresses the challenges of today’s reading environments. The Timeless Veterinary Cloud PACS provides a seamless and innovative way to quickly move images to the radiologist instead of the radiologist to the images. rDVMs can seamlessly access and manage any study—the heart of the practice workflow—with this new scalable, web-based, PACS solution and get faster report turnarounds thanks to the new integrated ability to request a case directly from the Timeless Veterinary Cloud PACS.

The Timeless Veterinary Management system and Timeless Veterinary Cloud PACS also includes two new integrated DICOM compliant viewers to provide the ultimate flexibility in viewing options. The first viewer is a downloadable desktop DICOM viewer offering a user-friendly interface and tool set to provide full-fidelity image rendering capabilities and advanced imaging tools such as MPR, image fusion and mask subtractions and tools for diagnostic interpretation. The second viewer, a Zero-Footprint HTML5 browser-based web viewer delivers simple, secure access to imaging results to provide clinicians easy access to study information, clinics reports and images when on the go.

Timeless Veterinary Systems also took increased measures in this update to improve the infrastructure, storage and data security requirements for TVMS. “Timeless takes the security, privacy and reliability of our customers data very seriously”, commented, Norm Bryenton, Vice President at Timeless Veterinary Systems. “We utilize Amazons Cloud Web services for our data center and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations, so our customers can be confident they are receiving a complete secure solution when using the Timeless Veterinary Management System and Timeless Veterinary Cloud PACS.”

According to John, Rowe, President of Timeless Veterinary Systems, “The TVMS 2.0 version update and our company’s continued success is a direct result of the close relationship between our staff and customers. We have worked hard to build a strong level of trust and partnerships that cannot be matched from some of the big players in the industry. As our customers grow their business we also grow, creating a successful win-win for both parties involved.”

Those interested in a free, customized online demo of their referral management system can visit http://www.TimelessVeterinary.com or contact Eric Roberts directly at eroberts@TimelessVeterinary.com.

About Timeless Veterinary Systems Inc.

Timeless Veterinary Systems® is a leading veterinary technology development firm located in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Timeless believes in challenging the status quo to develop technologies that raise the bar for veterinary patient care. Each and every product the Timeless team develops is carefully designed with some of the most recognized experts in veterinary medicine to ensure the highest quality possible.

To learn more about Timeless and their products, visit: http://TimelessVeterinary.com.

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