Talkatoo for Vets

Talkatoo is the dictation software for veterinarians. How would you like to have an extra hour in your day? Would you see more patients or spend more time at home?

You have a lot of things to worry about. In the run of a day, you have to see many types of animals, each with a unique issue. You may have to perform delicate procedures so a client can have just a bit more time with their beloved fur baby. And you may have to take care of your business operations, marketing, and all of the things behind the scenes. After everything else, you still have to devote several hours to tediously typing out records. Isn’t there a better way?

Talkatoo has been built for veterinarians from the ground up. By dictating your notes instead of typing, you save a significant amount of time and energy. Talkatoo recognizes veterinary specific vocabulary and integrates with all practice management software.

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