November 18, 2014

Veterinary Telemedicine Services Booming With Web-Based Platform

Prince Edward Island, Canada: It was less than two years ago when Timeless Veterinary Systems introduced their web-based telemedicine platform to a small group of radiologists looking to improve their independent teleradiology business. Fast forward to today and Timeless now works with 55 independent specialists who use their Timeless Veterinary Management System™ (TVMS) to consult with over 3,500 referring veterinarians around the world. Innovation and collaboration has been the driving force behind the success of the TVMS in a competitive market that has been traditionally dominated by a few major telemedicine players.

From its original concept, the web-based platform was designed to provide more than basic image transfer and reporting -- instead offer a full suite of tools that helps a referral service manage all aspects of their telemedicine business. "We quickly became aware that specialty groups were looking for much more than just an improved telemedicine platform", says John Rowe, President of Timeless Veterinary Systems. "What they’re looking for is a total package to manage everything from finances to customer relations and credit card processing -- we like to call this total referral management."

The highly customizable web-based system is used by a wide-range of specialty referral services to manage unique workflows and day-to-day business operations. Timeless works very closely with each service to understand their needs and designs a system that is truly unique to every customer. Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists in Houston Texas switched to the TVMS less than a year ago and according to Lindsey Hoover, Manager of Telemedicine Services, the impact was immediate. "The Timeless team was able to provide us with a customizable system that puts us at the cutting edge of veterinary telemedicine. After utilizing the TVMS, our business has increased by over 90%."

The TVMS has also become very popular among specialists who operate mobile radiology or cardiology referral services. The fact that the system is truly web-based means mobile specialists can take their system with them anywhere and access it anytime on any device; PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. For mobile services with multiple specialists on the road at once, the ability to access the same record system and collaborate in real time has proven invaluable.

As the community of TVMS users continues to grow, specialists are now able to capitalize on a powerful feature called TVMS Connect. This feature allows independent specialists to collaborate with other specialist on the Timeless platform and grow their independent network. John Rowe says, "Even though each of our customers have their own custom built system, we have the ability for integration, which means independent specialists can work together to expand their service list and grow their business. Creating these partnerships is very powerful and was an idea we had from the beginning -- we just didn’t think we would be introducing it this early on!"

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About Timeless Veterinary Systems Inc.
Timeless Veterinary Systems Inc. is a specialized tech company based in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada, with a focus on creating innovative web-based technologies for veterinary professionals. Timeless’ technologies are used by thousands of veterinary professionals in more than 100 countries around the world.

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