Dec 8th, 2015

Oncura Partners Introduce Secure Cloud Storage For All Digital Imaging Customers with help from Timeless Veterinary Cloud Storage™

December 8, 2015 - Oncura Partners Diagnostics, a veterinary telemedicine company located in Austin, Texas, announced a much anticipated new service and technology - secure cloud storage for all digital diagnostic media. The creators of the cloud storage solution, Timeless Veterinary Systems Inc., are a specialized technology company and creators of the Timeless Veterinary Management System, an independent web-based telemedicine system currently utilized by Oncura Partners. Timeless has integrated cloud storage with Oncura's current telemedicine platform allowing clinics to not only request an interpretation by a board-certified specialist, but store, view and share all diagnostic images online using Timeless Veterinary Cloud Storage™.

Oncura offers unique veterinary consultation services including radiology, cardiology, oncology, dentistry and real-time ultrasound assistance. Using a custom ultrasound machine installed at participating clinics, technicians and referring veterinarians are able to perform high quality diagnostic scans with the remote help of an Oncura team member. From here, the clinic can send the study to Oncura for an interpretation by a board-certified specialist or store the data using Timeless Veterinary Cloud Storage™.

Accessed through a clinic log in, studies of all modalities are automatically stored, including x-ray, ultrasound, CT and MRI. This can be used as the main form of backup or secondary redundancy based on each clinic's preferences. The web-based access allows users to search, view, download, and manage all of their data on any computer or mobile device. Not only is storage included in the service, but clinics can also submit previous studies to Oncura for comparison. "Each study being stored is just a click away from a board-certified interpretation", says John Rowe, President of Timeless Veterinary Systems. "This streamlined process moves away from ultrasound exams being stored on a CD collecting dust, allowing for better organization and improved patient care."

According to Dr. Brian Huber, President of Oncura Partners, the number of clinics looking to move towards cloud storage solutions continue to grow and the benefits are immediate. "We've been extremely happy with our telemedicine platform, the Timeless Veterinary Management System, and this integration only makes our partnership with Timeless stronger. Our data is safe, secure and always accessible. We are happy to pass this along to our customers and strongly encourage them to learn more about the benefits of signing up with Timeless Veterinary Cloud Storage™."

The Timeless servers are world class with respect to, not only their speed and accessibility, but also their safety and security precautions. In addition, clinics with a Timeless Veterinary Cloud Storage™ account will have unlimited storage and the ability to share diagnostic images via email for second opinion or referral consultations. Participating Oncura Partners clinics who sign up for a Cloud Storage account before January 1st, 2016 will receive a promotional discount.

Those interested in learning more about their cloud storage options or new telemedicine opportunities may contact Stephanie Merrell at Pricing and general inquiries for Timeless Veterinary Systems Inc. may be directed to Eric Roberts at

About Oncura Partners Diagnostics
Oncura Partners Diagnostics, LLC is a unique, veterinary disease management company. We focus on working with like-minded veterinary professionals to improve patient outcomes daily. Through our unique Telemedicine portal, we provide specialist consultations: Radiology, Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Oncology, Dentistry, Anesthesiology, Exotic Animal medicine and Cytopathology. OPD places the only Remote, Real-time ultrasound platform in the world. Enabling our hospital partners, whom understand the value of proper diagnostics and early intervention, to improve patient management by incorporating this key diagnostic step, ultrasound. Training and support from our team of sonographers to any facility across the USA and beyond makes ultrasound a financial win for the hospital.

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About Timeless Veterinary Systems Inc.
Timeless Veterinary Systems™ is a leading software development firm located on Prince Edward Island, Canada, made up of a small team of big thinkers. Timeless believes in challenging the status quo to develop technologies that raise the bar for veterinary patient care. Each and every product the Timeless team develops is carefully designed with some of the most recognized experts in veterinary medicine to ensure the highest quality possible.

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