November 27th, 2013

Timeless Veterinary Systems Inc. Announces Monthly Payment Option and iOS7 Update for Mobile Drug Formulary App by Etienne Côté, Stephen Ettinger and Wayne Schwark

Charlottetown, PEI, Canada: Since its release in July, the Timeless Vet Drug Index has been downloaded by thousands of veterinary professionals in over 75 countries. Now Timeless Veterinary Systems Inc. is prepared to release it's first in a series of major updates to the popular drug formulary app by Dr. Etienne Côté, Dr. Stephen Ettinger and Dr. Wayne Schwark. The updates include a fresh new design for Apple devices running on iOS 7 and an iPad specific version of the app. To accompany the new release Timeless is also planning to offer an attractive $6.99 monthly subscription option as an alternative to the current $69.99 per year subscription.

According to Joey Seaman, VP of Timeless Veterinary Systems, the decision to offer a monthly pricing option is a response to valuable customer feedback since launching the Vet Drug Index in July. "We literally try to reach out to each and every person who downloads the Vet Drug Index and we take the feedback we receive very seriously. One request we've consistently received is to offer flexible payment options. Our new month-to-month payment option will allow future customers to continue using the Vet Drug Index following their free trial without any hassle or long term commitment."

The new iOS 7 update shows Timeless hasn't slowed down their efforts to continuously improve on the app's intuitive and seamless design by migrating towards the modern iOS 7 look and feel. The iPad-specific interface is also beautifully designed to make better use of the larger screen by adjusting to both portrait and landscape modes. Although the engineers at Timeless are excited about the announcement, they aren't stopping there with plans to release the Vet Drug Index on all Android devices in early 2014.

In today's world of veterinary medicine the majority of veterinarians own a smartphone and tablet, yet most are still using their devices primarily for personal communication. According to a Veterinary Economics survey that may be changing, as 79% of veterinarians said they wanted to use their phone to access veterinary reference material like veterinary specific drug formularies. If a drug formulary app is what they are looking for it appears the Timeless evidence-based drug formulary app could become the household drug resource on the market.

The Timeless Vet Drug Index is currently available with a 14-day free trial and can be purchased at for $6.99/month or $69.99/year. For more information or to inquire about student, intern, resident or hospital discount rates, contact Timeless Veterinary Systems through email at

About Timeless Veterinary Systems:
Timeless Veterinary Systems Inc. is a specialized tech company based in Charlottetown, PEI, with a focus on creating innovative web-based technologies for veterinary professionals.

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