August 7, 2012

Software Development Company Brings Innovative Cytology Service to Life

Charlottetown, PEI: Timeless Veterinary Systems and Dr. Norm Lowes, a clinical pathologist from Brandon Manitoba, have launched Cytovetstat, a ground breaking telecytology service for veterinary clinics. Using a high quality video camera that fits into the eyepiece of a microscope, Dr. Lowes is the first cytologist to provide real time cytology consultations online to veterinarians from within their own clinic.

The service has been available for just a few weeks but already Cytovetstat has placed over twenty cameras in veterinary clinics across Canada. Dr. Lowes explains, "Instead of the standard pick up and delivery service, which can take up to several days to get results, we're completing some consultations in less than thirty minutes. In some cases we're even able to live stream a slide while the patient is on the operating table."

In order to bring his idea to life Dr. Lowes reached out to Timeless Veterinary Systems, a Canadian based technology company that specializes in custom software development. With a major focus placed on the overall user experience, Timeless was tasked to build a customized system to support the new camera technology and manage the entire cytology service online.

The system that manages Cytovetstat is web-based, meaning that any clinic that uses the service can easily access their entire case history from anywhere and on anything, PC, laptop or tablet. The system also helps other specialists, referring physicians or technicians to collaborate with each other more easily by quickly sharing findings, uploading and editing slide images and documents, and messaging back and forth through the entire duration of a case.

Timeless Veterinary Systems is impressed with the response so far and pleased to add Cytovetstat to its growing list of products in the veterinary market. "It's all about innovation at Timeless", says John Rowe, President of Timeless. "We love Dr. Lowes' idea and we love collaborating with experts to create something unique that can make an immediate impact on the veterinary world".

As veterinarians continue to search for innovative ways to improve patient care and grow their business, Cytovetstat appears to be a service that can help accomplish both. Clinics who may be interested can visit or contact Dr. Norm Lowes directly at or (877) 610-6013.

About Timeless Veterinary Systems Timeless Veterinary Systems is part of the Timeless Group of Companies, a software development firm located in Charlottetown, PEI, with 19 years of experience developing advanced medical technologies. Timeless has a long history of collaborating with industry experts through the commercialization process, including product development, intellectual property protection, market research, and sales and marketing strategies.

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