Evidence Based Decision Support

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IntuitiveVet is arranged in a user friendly and accessible way to allow the veterinarian to efficiently and effectively navigate the most current protocols. As a new veterinarian, the additional information included with each treatment is particularly helpful; From the arrangement of 1st, 2nd and 3rd level antibiotics, to the possible interactions and side effects of each medication, to the suggested duration of each therapy makes this program as useful as having an instant second opinion to your plan!
Dr. Nikia Stewart
Lakeshore Animal Clinic

About IntuitiveVet

IntuitiveVet is a cutting edge Decision Support System providing over 1,700 treatment recommendations for canines and felines in the areas of antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic therapy. Using proprietary decision support software, IntuitiveVet provides you with a sound scientific knowledge base that acts as an instant and definitive second opinion for the most common or complex clinical cases. Each and every treatment option found in our system is strictly backed by the most current evidence available.

Key Features

Real time decision support for over 350 medical conditions

100% evidence based treatment options, complete with direct references

Saves you time and energy searching textbooks and websites

Intelligent, interactive and super easy to use

Optimized for PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone

Invented by Veterinarians

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